kCAne MarkCO's ( aka TrapGawd OGuN )  musical story begins, after recovering from an almost fatal and his third time being shot.


A troubled childhood in the city of Saint Louis at one of it's peaks of violence as the "Murder Capital" gave him plenty to speak on in his freestyles and battles with friend and foes. Hard lessons for TrapGawd OGuN.

Signed to Cam'mar Records at 13 the call of the streets was too strong and he landed in juvie eventually for a year and a half, while there impressing the like of Trech of the Naughty by Nature group who left his number in an effort to sign kCAne ( TrapGawd OGuN ) upon release.


During which time his parents were divorced leading him back to the streets to do the only thing he knew to help his mother stay afloat. She begged him not to, but the Leo couldnt get through to the Libra who felt he owed her for doing her best raise him.


Of course this lead to a lengthy stint in prison as all these stories do, which is where he honed his skill as a writer, since before he had only freestyled.

Yet it was losing his mom to cancer and her final words to him that reignited his passion for music and like a juggernaut in motion he hasn't begun to slow down, refuses to be stopped!

After starting the label NuORDER/NuNATION,  kCAne (as TrapGawd OGuN) has worked with the likes of ZAYTOVEN BEATSBonecrusher, Gorilla Zoe, 2 Chainz mngt team Street Executives, Waka Flocka Flame, TK Kravits, M City Jr, and is now a member of ALPHAPAK.

Featured in The Hype Magazine, ( Flocka on cover ) El Bario magazine, and Hip Hop Weekly magazine. Thisis50, Vladtv, Vevo, Music Choice and Mtv.